Hem Health and Security I will make it, I will make it…

I will make it, I will make it…

Knee with Pain
Knee with Pain

Tomorrow I’m off to Chamonix.

Like a mantra. I have made up my mind. I will make it! I will!

I’m talking about my knee, which I operated in April. It’s was on its way towards being alright but in the 11th hour, it decides to go south. It is now when the mental bit of the project is being tested. The determination, others might call it, but without being foolhardy. A balancing act!

Acupuncture – last minute effort

The goal is, of course, already set and the trip is like already paid.

I believe that it is possible. I will make it! Mind over matter!

Do you notice the mantra? 🙂

I promised to get back with an ”review” of how my body and mind works at high altitude without any significant amount of carbohydrates. Now it seems I have a reason to come back with a report on how much (or little) trouble a troublesome knee can cause.

I will make it!


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