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The North Face – Himalayan Pants – Down Pants

So, to celebrate summer and June, I’ve bought a couple of down pants. In honor of the day it’s 25 degrees outside, hence my heat test in the kitchen (28 degrees Celsius) must be complemented by a new, real, one come winter – this time I was cooked and ready within 3 minutes.

But, it is really a quality garment — very well thought-out with good quality zippers, especially along the legs for thermal regulation. There is an insulated protection on the inside along all the zippers to prevent cold air from entering — just such a thing. 🙂

800-fill down except in the bottom of the legs where it is 700. Reinforced fabric on the butt increases life expectancy.

What I lack, at first glance, is more than one (1) small pocket (it sits on the chest). I’m guessing the idea is to use your jacket’s pockets to whatever you need, but one of the advantages of the two-piece philosophy is precisely that one does not always need to have the jacket on.

I will get back after a real test 🙂 – I might just reconsider and/or amend to my review.

I take this opportunity to draw your attention to fact that www.addnature.com have these on a massive sale at the moment. (If you feel you can no longer live without a pair :-)) (The regular price of around 6,000 SEK makes the decision considerably more difficult)

TNF Himalayan Pants
TNF Himalayan Pants