Hem Inspiration Laura Dekker makes Dreams come true – shouldn’t we all?

Laura Dekker makes Dreams come true – shouldn’t we all?

Laura Dekker - Maidentrip
Laura Dekker - Maidentrip

Yesterday I saw this compelling documentary about Laura Dekker, who is the youngest person to have sailed alone around the world. At only 14, she set off with her boat Guppy, and two years later she finished, 16 years old, and much, much more experienced.

Since I can’t think of being on a sailing boat (or any other boat for that matter) for longer than a week or so, I expected me not to get caught up as hard in this documentary as I did. But then again it was not about sailing, either.

It was about realizing your dreams. About living life. About stretching boundaries. About to do what we have to do.

And this is how I came into contact with why I do this – why I climb inaccessible mountains. It’s about dreams, it’s about removing the world around us and just be here and now. It’s all about experience and challenge. To push boundaries. It’s about being present.

Indeed Laura’s sailing trip was neither about breaking records nor to finish, but it was about living her dream. As she herself put it so well: ”I finished as the youngest to have sailed around the world and then started my life as a sailor” – it was about beginning to live, starting life.

And then I also came into contact with how important it is to insert this in your everyday life – what is life. Tibet is just an excursion which automatically contains all the ingredients for experiencing, pushing boundaries, being here and now. The hard part is make this on a Thursday afternoon, with fetching at kindergarden, doing grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and washing. But I think it’s there, too. Not all the time, but it’s there as well.

Be sure to find it – NOW!

Laura Dekkers home page

You will find a trailer from the movie Maidentrip below.


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