Hem Cho Oyu Let the Adventure Begin

Let the Adventure Begin

Cho Oyu
Cho Oyu

Unlike me, I have postponed the decision for a long time. There have been several reasons for this – but seriously – it has felt not-so-good. But sometimes life is about procrastinating.

But now it is set. It’s set that I go (it has been a long time – in the head anyway :-)), it’s set when I go (August 27) and it’s set with whom I go.

IMG – International Mountain Guides – will organize my trip this time. IMG started in 1991 and has been extremely serious and helpful in my process to make up my mind.

Cho Oyu
Cho Oyu

So now the rest is up to me. It feels a bit scary to be honest. On the one hand, that it really is up to me, and also that it actually going to happen – that I’ll really try to summit a 8,000 metres + mountain. All of a sudden the expedition feels very overpowering, my body feels extra broken, and my head needs to rest aaaalll of the Christmas holidays.

On the other hand, it feels really, really nice to leave this decision behind me and begin to work towards the goal.

Well – do or don’t – there is no try.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


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