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About Men in Tights


Early on in our relationship, I was forbidden to ever use tights. At all! Under any circumstances!

There was a brief moment when I thought that I would look outstandingly sexy or athletic in tights. The year’s biggest laugh was when I looked myself in the mirror in a changing room waring a pair of very speedy, terribly tight, tights. 🙂 🙂

I’m simply not intended for tights.

This realization makes the audience very happy – I firmely believe that they hate to see the package ”on display”. Preferably in a the grocery store, where, mostly middle-aged men, enters the store wearing tights, fresh from the gym and a bit hot (read sweaty). In this, I fully sympathize with them. This should, however, also apply to camel toes, excessive beer bellies, coin chutes (this is when half the ass is on display) and other things which do not belong in tights and certainly not in tights in a grocery store. How we dress or look in the woods or on the bike, I couldn’t care less about – let’s all through tights parties there – but not inside the stores.

If this lack of insight is any way associated with the ”tights-trend”, I don’t know – but I suspect it is. As age differentiating attires more and more disappear (something I soooooo welcome) it seems that an increasing part of the population miss that we still sometimes act among other people in contexts where bad smell, sweat and packages on display is not suitable.

Tights restrictions? Well no… But a just a wish, that the next time you walk into a grocery store after your workout, please pass the locker room, take a shower and put your tights in your bag. 🙂 Mostly because I like the idea of you just having had a change of clothes before you go to buy food, rather than that you should not have tights on you when in a grocery store ;-);-)


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