Hem Cho Oyu Mind set at a new Adventure

Mind set at a new Adventure

Aconcagua Summit
Aconcagua Summit
Summit of Aconcagua
Summit of Aconcagua
A little more than a year ago I summited Aconcagua. Normally I return home with a sense of “I’ve had it” and I really never know if I’m going to do this again or not. This particular time, however, the strongest feeling was – “I want more”.

The thought of 8 000 meters has always been there I guess. Would it be possible? Do I really want to? Should I? There is some kind of magic to the number 8 000. (Well at least people like me feel this – my wife doesn’t understand at all what’s the fuzz about 8 000 meters.)

In Sweden we have adventurers like Fredrik Sträng, Ola Skinnarmo and Renata Chlumska – I’m like none of them. Faaaar from it. I’m not even your well trained neighbor or work mate. I’m a soon to be 50 father of 3 who is pushing paper and answering e-mail all day long. My body carries those years with, if not very serious, at least quite a few blemishes.

But I like challenges and I like mountains.

And maybe the mind really can move mountains. So it stuck, the mind – on a new adventure – to reach 8 000 meters.

From today's kayaking - the premier of this year - magical
From today’s kayaking – the premier of this year – magical
I don’t know yet if this journey is really going to take place – but my dream begins precisely with the thought of maybe pulling this through. And I belong to those who considers planning and dreaming being half the fun.

Join me on my journey towards the journey here on chooyu.se. Join me through setbacks and success on my way to 8 000 meters. Let’s find out where it takes me – maybe only to insight or maybe all the way to the top 🙂


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