Hem Cho Oyu Time to fix my body

Time to fix my body

Acupuncture could be the solution
Acupuncture could be the solution

I’m a long way from getting this old, screaky body in shape for a 6-week climbing adventure.

The mental challenge is big, but I’ve done similar journeys Before, so I have a vauge idea of what to expect when it comes to the mental part of this. No, the challenge is to fix the physical part of it.

That part of my journey starts right now! If I’m off next year already, it’s just about time to do this seriously.

I started a few week ago by ”fixing” my knee (again). This time my meniscus chose to break – so in we went and removed that (the spare bit). Yes – I know – gross photo – but this is what happens in your 50s 🙂

Newly operated
Newly operated

This thing – injuries – seems to be returning ingredient before going out on an adventure. Before going to Aconcagua I operated on my other knee and I removed the plaster from my broken arm just days before departing. (Bike -> Car = bad!)

What I have learned from this is important to me. It’s all in your head. This is where you will set the limits to what you can achieve. This is where you will decide how to react and treat any obstacle (like injuries) on your path towards your goal. Nowadays I choose to be as laid back as possible – if I’m meant to make it – I will.

My first objective is to start in the Midnattsloppet – a 10 km running event in central Stockholm in August. Let’s see. During the last two months I’ve ran 500 + 500 meters. :-/

But right now my mind is set on succeeding.


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