Hem Thoughts Stockholm Midnight Run – Check!

Stockholm Midnight Run – Check!

Stockholm Midnight Run 2014
Stockholm Midnight Run 2014

I’m really proud to have reached my goals. 1 – finishing the Stockholm Midnight Run, 2 – do it under 60 minutes. Slow – Yes, but it doesn’t matter. To run fast was not the goal this time.

Setting goals and targets in a larger project is crucial to if you are going to succeed or not. This run was one of my milestones on my journey towards 8,000 meters, however little it may seem to have anything to do with a high-altitude project. It is about understanding that anything can be achieved if you set your mind to it. We can do much more, and have much more power, motivation, abilities, etc. than we many times are aware of.

I always say to my kids (and to myself) try, and you’ll make it! (A softer version of the Joda quote 🙂 ) If you don’t try – fore sure it will never happen.

My next goal is much tougher. In about three weeks I’m going to challenge myself with much more than with a Midnight run – but it will come back to that later.

For now, I’ll just continue to enjoy my success yesterday. To enjoy that my shape was at its peak. To treasure that my knee stood the test and that Stockholm was boiling with activities, with running and with party last night.


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