Hem Climbing Ice Climbing Accident in Norway

Ice Climbing Accident in Norway

Klätterolycka Norge © Asbjørn Torgersen
Klätterolycka Norge © Asbjørn Torgersen

Climbing is unfortunately not without risk. Last Sunday an Italian climber lost his life whilst climbing, when a large piece of ice came off from the ice fall he was climbing in Rjukan, Norway.

The two climbers were on the trail Lipton, first climber about 30 metres up on the first pitch, when the ice broke.

Klatring.no has published a report from the accident.

As far as one can derive from the information at hand, it was a large, free-hanging piece of ice that came loose. The reason is thought to be due to temperature variations over the past few days. Several days of warm weather with subsequent sub-zero temperatures have made the ice weak and fragile.

I send my condolences and have become even more humble in my relation to the mountains.

Bergsport.se – warm weather might have caused the accident
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