Hem Climbing Winter Ascent of Denali – Solo

Winter Ascent of Denali – Solo

AP Photo/Lonnie Dupre
AP Photo/Lonnie Dupre

The 11th of January Lonnie Dupre from Minnesota completes a humongous achievement when he summits Denali (Mount McKinley) solo at winter. Only nine attempts have been made prior – but no-one solo in January.

This was Dupres’ fourth try and he spent roughly a month on the mountain in winds up to 100 km/h (62 mi/h) and in temperatures down to minus 60. Denali at 6 168 masl is the highest mountain in North America and as such one of The Seven Summits.

Read more about the adventure at One World Endeavors.

More information is also found at The Adventurer Blog and at Duluth News Tribune.


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