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Do Different

Do Different
Do Different

If I don’t do anything different today than what I have always done – how can I believe that something will be different tomorrow?

This motto I try to remember when I revert to doing as I always have done. Or when I find myself not really stick to plan – that is to say, when I realize I might not achieve my objectives.

Sometimes though, as I mentioned earlier, what you need is a kick in the butt. This time I was kicked by a very inspiring lecture by Christer Olsson. In a very inspiring way and in a way that makes excuses impossible, he takes us on a journey from saying to doing. And to do all the time.

Development or dismantlement!

Cycle repairs – tomorrow will be different 🙂
Everyone around me knows that I lived by this for a long time. There is no administration, or as Christer puts it; There is nothing to keep. But god knows that there are many things on my ”to-do” list still gets postponed to later, often … some kind of slow dismantlement, in other words.

So in the spirit of development, I have therefore, pissed off as I have been over to the gears on the bike living their own life, decided to stop swearing over them (which have not made the comming bike rides (read tomorrow’s) the least bit different) and instead literally jumped the rear derailleur and cassette with miscellaneous tools (and the occasional expletive, admittedly).

My 10 year old jacket, which in recent times has leaked a little and thus in addition to wet my body, also caused more than a few expletives, now has been washed and impregnated and thus will keep me dry in the rain tomorrow and for a long time to come.

Jacktvätt och impregnering
Washing and impregnating
To my satisfaction, I discover that tomorrow will be a little, little bit different and better. 🙂 🙂


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