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I have previously written about my mountaineering devotion being a solitary thing (read my post Thoughts on Loneliness).

It is therefore extremely pleasing that I have found an ally, another ”madman” who also thinks this idea of surpassing 8,000 meters sounds like a good idea, or at least a project that you just can’t help but to realize.

Antoine at the Summit of Aconcagua
Antoine at the Summit of Aconcagua
From now on I will continue the preparations and planning together with Antoine – with whom I summited Aconcagua last year.

Sometimes you make a ”connection” with a certain person. Of course, the extremely arduous task of climbing up to nearly 7,000 meters, in itself creates some kind of bond. But apart from this Antoine is a damn likable and fun person. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather do this with.

We also both understand that there are no promises made in the mountain-climbing-world – what happens, happens – but right now it seems like we will tackle Cho Oyu together in the autumn of 2015.

And I’m really happy about that! 🙂


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