Hem Okategoriserade Anniversary of Aconcagua Summit

Anniversary of Aconcagua Summit

På Toppen av Aconcagua
På Toppen av Aconcagua

Not much to celebrate really. But it sure is a reminder of that time flies. Because today, to the day, 2 years ago I summited my first ”Seven Summit” – Aconcagua 6 962 meters above sea level. 2 years are 2 years.

This also means that the time until I leave Sweden for my next adventure is decreasing at an inexorable pace. It is now only 8 1/2 months left until I leave for Nepal and Tibet and Cho Oyu.

I’ve added a bit of time to my weekly training and I have started, mostly involuntary, to work with the mental parts of my trip. (That is – I lie awake at night wondering what the hell I’ve plunged myself into). The aim is however, to try to make all of this positives – to create target images, to see and feel myself going through with this – to see me at 8 201 meters above se level – to feel me at the Summit of Cho Oyu.

To celebrate this I have today added the type training ”walking with back-pack” – which I did to work today. My feet just hurt a little.

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