Hem Cho Oyu Svea Ekonomi – sponsor Cho Oyu 2015

Svea Ekonomi – sponsor Cho Oyu 2015

Svea Ekonomi - Sponsor
Svea Ekonomi - Sponsor
Svea Ekonomi
Svea Ekonomi – sponsor

If you’re going away on a seven-week-adventure of this kind, it requires a lot of prerequisites to be in place. Two of the fundamental ones are;

1) an understanding family
2) an understanding employer

I have the grace to have both. 🙂

Svea Ekonomi, at/for/with whom I’ve been working very many years now, is a great employer in this regard (and in others as well, of course :-). With a little foresight and good planning, I have the benefit and ability to eke out my holidays with leave of absence in order to carry out this dream, this adventure.

Svea Ekonomi
Svea Ekonomi – sharing economiy with Cho Oyu 2015

Svea Ekonomi has now also decided to sponsor my Project, which facilitates things immensely. A project of this nature is much, much easier to implement if you manage to get some sponsorship.

Svea Ekonomi is actively working with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sponsorship with a focus on two areas – education and sports. Svea Ekonomi has a large sporting interest within the company with many actives among their employees. That a great deal of that interest has “infected” on the CSR work is perhaps not so surprising. Svea Ekonomi has chosen to support big and small. Everything from being the main sponsor for the AIK (Swedish Premier League Team) to supporting obscure projects in Tibet 🙂


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