Hem News Some Positive News from Nepal

Some Positive News from Nepal


Yesterday I received news from IMG (International Mountain Guides) that felt atleast somewhat positive.

Vast areas are completely destroyed by the earthquake that struck in Nepal, close to Kathmandu, a bit more than a week ago. Great efforts are in process to try to re-establish some kind of normal life again. Over 7,500 people have died and more than 14,000 are injured. The material damages are unassessable.

At that point is it extra elevating to receive a report that the status in Kathmandu has improved over the last days. Water and power is back, shops are beginning to open – there is food to be had. Phones and Internet are up and working.

From other sources there are reports of help reaching even the remote area of rural Nepal. It is a massive effort going on with over 130,000 militaries and approximately 100 aid organisations.

Don’t forget – your contribution makes a difference.
Red Cross – who are already at site.
Other organisations at site are:
Save the Children


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