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I wake up with a sore tongue. Head detonates. I have tattooed the word ”Mom” on the forearm. Mascara has entered into my eyes. Nevertheless, it will only be a short time before I do it again.

I always get hungover from my mountain adventures. It’s actually like a roller-coaster-ride most of the time. From start to finish, and for a while thereafter.

The feeling of ”I am stupid” can (and often will) appear as early as the first night in the tent. I do not even like to camp. What am I doing here??!?!? And in the morning, when I Wake up, this is exchanged to ”This is Life – this is what I am”.

Motivational climbing
Motivational climbing

And right now, a week or two after my summit of Mont Blanc it changes from time to other between highs and lows. Now is the time to motivate myself to continue towards the target. Because I know that with just a little distance to the hardship on the mountain, remains only the wonderful feelings of success and happiness.

So, it is not an easy or simple journey inside the head either. Not to lose focus! Not to lose desire! If Cho Oyu will happen during 2015, it is only 11 months away – THAT is not much time. Time to get started for real.

At it again 🙂 🙂


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